Young team returns in 2018-2019 with tons of promise. Can they get back to the NCAA Tournament?
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Re: Princeton

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Travis23 wrote:
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Well that’s interesting because I know social
Media on game day puts out the bus schedule with a few rimes. Not sure how that don’t work for most students. I bet if tailgating and alcohol were involved before game more kids would come out. Yea that holy cross game was great. Won’t ever see it again. Thanks. I know rich is involved with marketing but not sure coming from me would mean much to him. The whole idea of a arena on campus would help. But I don’t use that as an excuse.
The problem with the bus is even if students packed it to capacity, it would only deliver an extra 30 students to the game on time. There is only one bus and it’s never running specifically for basketball games; it only makes its scheduled stop at Goodman leaving at 6:30 from the Packer Ave stop(this is the one promoted on social media). If students miss this one, then they won’t get to the game until 7:20 or so.

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Re: Princeton

Post by RichH » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:45 pm

I read last year that LU was planning on addressing the lack of adequate transportation options to Stabler. I' m guessing they didnt. How difficult can it be to run 2 buses. :cry:
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Re: Princeton

Post by TMH » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:44 pm

The idea that busing is not adequate is a bit frightening to me since Lehigh is in the process of eliminating almost all parking lots on campus and turning it into a pedestrian campus. The are planning to rely heavily on buses to move students and even faculty and staff around including back and forth between the Mountaintop, Goodman and the Packer campus.

A few years ago, I pitched the idea of awards like Lafayette football by swiping your card at Lehigh sporting events.
It actually worked for a period of time. I haven't seen the stand this yea though at any event.
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