Game 13/2 - Loyola

Young team returns in 2018-2019 with tons of promise. Can they get back to the NCAA Tournament?
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Re: Game 13/2 - Loyola

Post by StablerBum » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:29 pm

It's not totally black and white, but Reed usually gives it away walk-on status in season previews and other articles. I don't know why Reed talks about his walk-ons like this and think it is unnecessary, but he does it every single season. From this years Lehighsports preview.

"Zed Farrell and David Roelke joined our team out of the student population and have worked hard in practice and so far, have really fulfilled their role of bringing energy, a servant attitude and depth in our practice setting," said Reed. Obviously walk-ons, and come on a "servant attitude?!?!

"Shane's initial role for our program was making his teammates better in practice, but the game slowed down for him and he was able to contribute in his role at a higher level," said Reed. "Due to some injuries and a lack of depth last year, he answered the call extremely well when he was asked to compete and contribute in contests with some notable performances. That should create a better foundation and higher beginning point for this season." Walk-on with maybe a chance to play a bit

"Josh's commitment level to the game has increased over the course of his career," Reed continued. "He is part of a roster to support and make players better in practice and live up to the standards of wearing a Lehigh basketball uniform." Clearly a walk-on

The comments on Foley make me think he is on scholarship..."Joe has been very impressive in all of our interactions with him," said Reed. "He is one of the top defenders guarding dribble penetration in our entire program. His combination of being a strong floor athlete with lateral quickness and the fact that he has length (at 6-foot-3) makes him a valuable defensive weapon. He also has innate vision, something that can't be taught and something that not a lot of players have; he has a bit of a sixth sense when he's out on the floor and can see plays develop and materialize."

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Re: Game 13/2 - Loyola

Post by jimk72 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:41 am

Wow. The jargon jungle. But it looks like the mystery of Joe's status is solved.
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Re: Game 13/2 - Loyola

Post by TMH » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:24 pm

It has always been my understanding that the concept of preferred walk-on is very fluid depending if there is scholarship money available in a given year.
Last season, while talking to someone on the staff, he mentioned that Foley may be the most talented walk-on Brett has ever brought on. Given his resume, I had to agree. Whether or not that still applies is unknown.
Brett doesn't usually give walk ons much more than mop-up minutes though. I seem to remember a transfer from UCLA (walk on) a few years back though that got minutes. I was never sure of his status either.
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