18-19 Roster

Young team returns in 2018-2019 with tons of promise. Can they get back to the NCAA Tournament?
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18-19 Roster

Post by StablerBum » Thu May 10, 2018 11:06 pm

Quick look at 18-19 roster by position:

5: James Karnik (So.), Nic Lynch (Fr.)
4: Pat Andree (Jr.)
3: Kyle Leufroy (Sr.), Caleb Bennett (So.), Jeameril Wilson (Fr.)
2: Lance Tejada (Sr.), Marquis Wilson (So.)
1: Jordan Cohen (Jr.), Joe Foley (Fr.)

Walk-Ons: Shane Acoveno (So.), Josh Wolff (Jr.)
Returning from suspension? Ed Porter (Sr.)
Returning from injury? Caleb Sedore, Jack Lieb (no idea on current eligibility of either given injuries)

Breakdown of 7 returnees who were healthy and playing at the end of the year. Plus three freshman. And then potentially the return of Ed Porter. Lieb has yet to set foot on the court, and Sedore - after completing an amazing journey to the court - was not able to finish the year.

I'm still not certain Foley is on scholarship, but if so that would make 10 healthy (and non-suspended) scholarship players going into the summer. I'm hoping that the fact that there wasn't another recruit added to the class means that the staff has not given up on Porter, Sedore, and Lieb. Because, yet again, if those three won't be contributing the squad will be very very thin. Bright side is that if Lynch and Karnik can stay healthy, that would be the first time in many many years there are two healthy bodies with size for the 5.

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Re: 18-19 Roster

Post by TMH » Fri May 11, 2018 12:00 am

Most of these positions are inter-changeable in Brett's system. They all fall under the "wings" classification depending on the match-ups. I'm actually pretty excited to see how M. Wilson does with a year under his belt.
I'm told that Cohen is the starting PG and that Tejada will back him up as of now.
I'm not expecting Lieb to play but who knows. I believe Sedore is physically OK. As Coach explained it, concussions are really hard to get over at Lehigh due to the academic strain.
I was told that Nic Lynch is huge. He will be an inside presence. Brett would like another big with a shooting touch much like Andree.
Foley is a non-scholarship player but that could change.
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Re: 18-19 Roster

Post by RichH » Fri May 11, 2018 12:26 pm

Roster sets up pretty well even without the question marks. It would be great if they could contribute but other than Porter it would seem to be unrealistic to expect much.
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