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Early to NCAA Tourney?

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:34 pm
by Richb-3
So I am watching the Olympic channel Sunday morning. They are showing the World Cup Cross-Country Ski Sprint Relay. From Dresden, which looks to have winter temperatures similar to Washington DC. So they brought in Snow (looks like 1- meter deep, 10-20 meters wide, 600 meters long).

Anyway they mention that there will be World Cup events in a City Golf Course in Minneapolis Sat Mar 14 thru Tue Mar 17.

Don't know if anyone else cares, and I doubt I will be there, but think someone may be interested interested in something besides the Mary Richards Statue.

And now the Luge is on from a mountain town 20 miles from Dresden, and there is no snow there. And the expert announcer is from Australia, not Austria