Cornell Dual

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Re: Cornell Dual

Post by jdalu75 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:17 pm

The next weight down is 67 kg (147.4 lbs). A guy who can make 160 comfortably has no place to go -- can't cut all the way to 147.4 and is too small at 169.4. So wrestling at 77 kg doesn't necessarily mean a guy can't make 165; it just means that he's aware that he's got more years of college to go and 165 might be his best weight, so he doesn't go all out to bulk up (yet).

I put more stock in the reports that he struggled to make 165 last year as a reason for him moving up to 174. But there's just two months of the season remaining, so he wouldn't need to hold the weight for long.

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