Patriot League Football 2018

Talk about the Patriot League!
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Patriot League Football 2018

Post by lfnadmin » Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:31 am

This is cut-and-pasted from AGS (courtesy of Roll 'Gate) :
No better time to start the way way way too early talk and predictions about next year right now.

I'm curious what peoples thoughts on next years conference will look like and how they think it will shake out. I know personally the Raider's are excited for what's possibly to come in the sunny tundra ... Curious how everyone else thinks the league will shake out next year.

Colgate - Returns a vast majority on both sides of the ball. Love the quarterback, offensive line, and backfield situation.

lehigh - Loses two key weapons at wide receiver. Return the best running back in PL though which should take pressure off of a QB who makes questionable decisions as is. If defense tightens up they should at least be in the talk around the top of the league.

Lafayette - That defense loses a bunch of contributors on the d-line but should still be a relatively stingy group. Can the offense figure it out? Should be able to feast on lower end of PL if they can figure out how to put a couple points on the board.

Fordham - Losing the experience they will at QB and RB hurts a ton. Their defense was suspect this year and I'm not sure what they lose to graduation. Supposedly they had a very tough year injury wise. I also think rest of league is catching up with the scholarship situation. Not sure Fordham will be able to "feast" as it used to in coming years.

Bucknell - A team that didn't show much fight towards the end of the year. Could be the biggest ? next year as to what type of team comes out of Lewisburg on Saturdays.

Holy Cross - New coach, no PP. A team that had lofty expectations at beginning of year after a couple games that quickly were extinguished. A bottom half of the league type team that might surprise one of two teams if they don't come ready to play, but doubt they will be contenders.

Georgetown - I don't think much needs to be said here.
Soon I am planning on writing some pieces on what to expect from the Patriot League in 2018, but thought maybe I'd open a discussion point here first.

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Re: Patriot League Football 2018

Post by LU808 » Fri Jan 06, 2023 3:21 pm

And five years into the HC rebuild they compete in the FCS Championship semis.....while LU fires a disasterous Gilmore regime and starts on a second rebuild effort!
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